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Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 13:07:19 MDT

Excerpt from Fortean Times 133, "We didn't start the FIRE", pp. 34-38
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"In both the Waco TV documentaries, extensive analysis was made of the
taped records of recurring images of heat sources at the rear of the
building. According to the Pentagon's former expert on FLIR analysis,
Dr. Edward Allard, and specialists hired by CBS's 60 Minutes, they are
evidence of government gunfire.

"These flashes occur as the fire begins; leading researchers suggest that
they are evidence of unidentified government agents, initially, shooting
fleeing Davidians and then entering the building in a co-ordinated
'dynamic entry.' At least five Davidians were found shot dead in this
location. Adding weight to the allegations is the fact that the only
surviving Davidians were those who exited from the front of the building."

Recommended Reading
_No more Wacos: What's Wrong With Federal Law Enforcement And How to
Fix It_, David B Kopel & Paul H Blackman (1997)

_Armageddon in Waco_, Stuart A Wright (ed) (1995)

_The Ashes of Waco: An Investigation_, Dick J Reavis (1998)

_The Davidian Massacre_, Carol Moore (1995)

Recommended Surfing
< >
The Waco: Rules of Engagement web page. A copy of the documentary is
essential in understanding what happened at Waco and how federal agencies
have covered it up. Includes extensive analysis of the FBI's FLIR tape.
NTSC and PAL copies are available here as well as a regularly updated
press archive and photo gallery.

< >
Carol Moore's Waco webpage - she's the author of _The Davidian Massacre_.
Excellent links directory and impressive details on Davidian trials.

< >
Dave Hardy's webpage which includes audio and video. Hardy has been
involved in the wrongful death civil action brought by the Davidians.
An exceptional Waco site featuring brilliant FOIA work."


"Four separate major investigations are now underway: Danforth's special
counsel's office, the Texas DPS; the House Government Reform Committee
(who plan to hold hearings on the handling of the siege); and a Davidian
'wrongful death' lawsuit."


Ian Goddard wrote:
> Moments before the April 19, 1993 Waco fire, large
> flashes occur in the debris of the tank-demolished
> Mount Carmel Center at Flash Location 3. The award-
> winning documentary "Waco: The Rules of Engagement"
> claims the flashes are explosions inside Mt Carmel.
> Or are they merely solar reflections on a window?
> See:
> Keep up with the latest Waco-FLIR news in the media
> section:

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