From: cwhipple@vantasinc.com
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 12:30:48 MDT

1) Napster Consequences:
Is the pending decision good or bad? Does it really matter? I view this as
a good thing because it gives the general public an actual incentive to
become intelligent. Napster became popular because it gave the masses a
/really easy/ way to access digital music. Now that people are hooked, how
far will they go in learning about the Internet in order to stay "connected"
to a source of free digital music? A strength of the Internet in general is
that if you're smart enough you can do anything... this notion is now about
to be applied to a massive testbed - as Napsters installed userbase is
forced to ask itself "ok, what next?".

2) Capital Steps:
Any thoughts on this one? Do you guys know who I'm referring to? My
family's been a fan for years and in a week I'll finally be able to see them
perform live...


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