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Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 23:39:17 MDT

spike are you volentering for that "All that woodpulp" OCR job ?

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Craig B Johnson wrote:

> Don't give up on the web so quickly: here is a version by the Grateful
> Dead
> Spike Jones wrote:
> > OK I found that Roy Buchanan wrote and performed CC Rider.

OK, this is proof everything that has ever been known about anything is out
there. On the web. Somewhere. Your task it to find it.

When I was doing family history research a decade ago, I worked
in a genealogy library in San Bruno. After months of searching I
managed to uncover everything I sought, but during that search I
did the following interesting order of magnitude calculation.

If one assumes the US has 300 megapersons today and started
in 1776 with 10 megapersons, then assume a linear increase
(for conservative estimates), estimate an average lifespan of about
50 years, then there have been about 0.7 gigapersons that have
lived in America in modern times and therefor have some chance
of having their names recorded in that genealogical library.

If one counts the number of volumes on one shelf, multiplies by the
number of shelves in a row, multiplies by the number of row in
the library, then reads a few indices, counting the names, multiplying
by the number of volumes, totally ignoring the reams of microfilm
and microfiche, one finds the interesting ROM estimate of around
.1 terapersons in that library, whose names are printed on dead
trees alone. So each American who ever lived is mentioned in
that library on the order of 100 times on average.

And you cannot find any of them.

The one you want, without extensive searching, will not be found,
even a single mention, with current technology. All that woodpulp
recorded material needs to be digitized somehow into ASCII files,
otherwise it is *almost* useless. spike

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