Re: PAC 3 a hit! woo hoooo!

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 22:25:20 MDT

Michael S. Lorrey <> Wrote:

> Having *excessive* helium production is all that is needed to be able to sniff
> out a bomb.

I don't know how it could tell it that the Plutonium had a half life of 6000 years instead
of 24000 and most of the excess helium produced would probably still be caught up
inside the Plutonium metal anyway and not in the environment.

>A nanite sniffs a strong source of helium, determines that it is not plutonium, and discards
> the source,

I don't know how it could tell if the helium came from a bomb or a Thanksgiving day parade
balloon unless the nanite had a brain, and if it did then why are we talking about trivial things
like H bombs.

                  John K Clark

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