Re: anti-zepplin systems

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 21:53:14 MDT

> John Clark wrote:
> > > U.S. Shoots Down Cruise Missile in Defense Test
> Jeff Davis wrote: Despite the fact that Spike is a pal of mine, I have to go
> along with John
> on this, as well as the larger view that the whole anti-missile business is
> a huge military-industrial pork/welfare ripoff.

You may be right Jeff, but remember it took only one grinch to screw up
Whoville. {8-] And do not worry, I am not personally attached to National
Missile Defense. I think it is a good idea in the long run, and I do take a
long view here. Unlike most products that we are familiar with, NMD is
something that will be at a low level of development for 30-50 years.
If our defenses *ever* stop developing they are a sitting duck.

Nowthen, NMD may *evolve* into an attempt at nanotech grey goo
defense eventually, as that threat becomes more apparent.

> Show me that this test was scheduled long in advance.

Ill snoop around, see if I can find out on that. The patriot was initially
intended as an anti-aircraft anti-cruise missile missile, so they might
have figured after the fact that they should at some time show that it
can do what it was originally intended for. I wouldnt be at all surprised
if some Hollywood grandstanding was intentional with the current
debates. I do find it curious that both presidential front runners seem
to be enthusiastic supporters of NMD.

> I could go on, but I couldn't do a better job than John has of showing this
> for what it is: an exercise in brain-dead, post-cold-war opportunism.

I sure *hope* thats all it ever is Jeff. Opportunism is cheap indeed. {8-]

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