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Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 15:00:40 MDT

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<< Yes, I really liked it when I read it. Has anybody actually tried to
 use it?
 Transhumanism in many ways embodies an extreme relativism, because we
 question the very idea that there is a human essence - we can (given
 sufficient tech etc) become anything, and there is no fundamental
 reason why the current form of homo sapiens should be retained. Even
 stronger, the majority position appears to be that it is OK to turn
 oneself into *any* form, as long as it is a voluntary operation
 etc. S >>

I believe some are trying to put into use at least parts of M.
Csikzsentmihalyi work. I notice an on line group that are pushing his social
action program (ie, the last chapter of THE EVOLVING SELF) and in addition
there seems to be a very active forum for discussing his ideas in the same
general site.
Ron H.

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