Re: RELI: My secret is out

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 19:31:45 MDT

> > > For a long time, I have followed a policy of not discussing religious
> > > matters online. This is because my family is Orthodox Jewish - they
> > > believe in the literal truth of the Old Testament - and for many years
> > > it has been necessary for me to conceal from them my real beliefs.
> > > Today I sent them an email informing them that I am not, in fact,
> > > Jewish.
> Is orthodox the sect that has the hat and the dreads down the side???
> I always wanted one of those for putting on a snow man in a Nativity
> scene....just to see how the Christians/Catholics would react...;)

Those are the Chassidim, an even-more-orthodox subset of Orthodox
Judaism. Eli has (or had) the beard, but no sidelocks. Jewish
tradition forbids shaving, though cutting the beard with scissors
is OK. This has led to a market for kosher electric razors (those
whose mechanisms have been certified to cut by scissor-action rather
than by a scraping blade). I use one myself to trim my beard.

Maybe we should start a tradition of making scenes of Isaac Newton's
birth on our lawns? Or maybe decorating a tree with a single apple?

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