Re: RELI: My secret is out

From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 16:55:19 MDT

Eliezer wrote:

>For a long time, I have followed a policy of not discussing religious
>matters online. This is because my family is Orthodox Jewish - they
>believe in the literal truth of the Old Testament - and for many years
>it has been necessary for me to conceal from them my real beliefs.
>Today I sent them an email informing them that I am not, in fact,

Well, let me be the first to congratulate you on the courage to make such a
break from tradition. Despite all areas in which one can be rational and
use cognition, it is very tough to go against blood-ties due to the
emotions involved...regardless of culture or creed. Odd though it may
sound, I think you'll find triggering the singularity a far easier task...

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