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Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 16:15:37 MDT

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<< Put another way -- what are the limits on whether you can drive
 the star from F --> G --> M --> L class? There may be some
 benefits (100's of millions of years to billions of years),
 that would create a benefit > cost situation that justifies
 the effort, even if you cannot ultimately prevent a supernova.
 Robert >>
Not to steal from the vastly, distant, future; but when the Star Makers make
their Star Plantations productive, they seem to have another source of fuel,
intergalactic, primordial hydrogen. Recent observations by a few astronomers
seem to indicate that there is a lot of intergalactic hydrogen out there and
it shouldn't be ignored by our descendents. Also interesting would be to see
how much Hydrogen exists and if, along with neutrinos, it might seal up the
universe? But in any case the gas might be a good source material for start
stuff. Its a gas.

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