Re: GAMES: Historical truths [was Re: The games are all crap...]

Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 23:58:56 MDT

> > > > A PC version of the old EMPIRE game can be freely downloaded from:-
> > > >
> > > >
> >
> > This is indeed a different game, written by Walter Bright, who was a
> > year behind me in college and roomed across the hall from me. Walter
> > wrote the original version of his Empire in Fortran back in 1977 or so.
> > Later he co-authored a version for the PC which appeared in the late 80s.
> > But it is not the same Empire game that people have been talking about.
> Well Geez Hal, get on the horn and see if ol' Walter has the original
> functioning anywhere or available... times a'wastin'... Please? ;)

It looks like he has the PC version available from the links at the
bottom of the page above - I was able to get the data but I don't have
a PC handy that it is likely to run on.

It's a real blast of nostalgia for me to read Walter's description of the
history of Empire on those pages. Walter was actually one of the people
who helped establish my political orientation, he and his roommate Mark.
They were the hard core libertarians in the dorm, and we'd spend hours
debating politics in the late night bull sessions where it seems like
I spent most of my college life.

I made a lot of connections at Caltech with people who have gone on to
be very successful. Robin suggested some time back that this is what
you are really paying for when you go to an expensive college, at least
as an undergraduate. The education is not really all that different.
But you meet faculty members and students who will be able to help you
in your career for the rest of your life. I've had many advantages over
the years from having attended a school like that.


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