Re: The games are all crap; let's make a decent one.

From: BillK (
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 11:50:07 MDT

Most old DOS games can be made to run under Win 9x using the hints that
Amara and Mike Lorrey gave. Another problem can be with the DOS 640k memory
limit, which may require tweaking the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files to
give enough low memory for the program to run, or sometimes changing the WIN
9x MS-DOS mode properties on the game .exe file. One other common problem is
how modern sound cards handle old Soundblaster support. There are various
things to try which might help in overcoming this - different things work
for different cards, games, drivers, etc. (Yes, it can get a tad tedious).

Multi-boot PCs can lead to a very "interesting" life, but for better
reliability I would recommend the setup I have, namely two PCs. An old 486
with DOS6 and Win3.1 on it for the old games and a modern Win98 PC for the
new games. (Oh, and I suppose you can also use them for things other than
games if you want to.....)

A PC version of the old EMPIRE game can be freely downloaded from:-

Lots of old (and some not-so-old) games, that are no longer available for
purchase can be freely downloaded from many sites. One good one is:-

Warning: Several months of your life may disappear if you start poking
around here!


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