Re: Benford on Joy and the future

Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 09:03:16 MDT

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<< Hal, I seem to remember an article by Greg Benford in Reason a few years
 ago that dealt with "comfy" biotech. If they archived that far back you can
 probably find it on their web site. Otherwise, you can probably find out
 from Benford himself. (If you don't get a response, I can ask, since he was
 Extropy's Physics editor back when we printed it on matter).
 Max >>
This is interesting. In a brief clip from one of The Learning Channels
outlook on the far future, I saw Benford state : "Tipler seems to have
psychological problems..." This was regarding Tipler's and Barrow's Final
Anthropic Principle, and mortality. Seemed to be a bit heavy-handed.

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