SICK HUMOR: ELF Targets GE Research at Johns Hopkins

Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 01:16:09 MDT

ELF Targets GE Research at Johns Hopkins Research Hospital

Johns Hopkins Research Hospital, Baltimore, MD - On Sunday July 23, the Earth
Liberation Front (ELF) claimed responsibility for anti-biotech direct actions
at the Johns Hopkins Research Hospital (JHRH) in Baltimore, Maryland, the
first known incident of such action against a research hospital. Under cover
of night and through use of all-natural wooden clubs, the activists
overwhelmed security and destoyed two wards of genetically engineered
children. They also monkeywrenched several research monkeys.

JHRH has won notoriety as an institution that has pioneered the science of
genetic engineering. Its labs are responsible for research related to the
"discovery of genetic therapy techniques that show great promise in curing a
variety of formerly untreatable, and often terminal, childhood diseases."
The ELF is an international organization that uses direct action to stop the
systematic exploitation and destruction of naturally occurring genes. ELF
activists have flagged JHRH as a key component in "the genetic-medical
industry", where the natural evolution of humans is dissected and manipulated
to fit the market demand generated by desperate parents.

Regardless of the non-profit nature of JHRH, the research conducted there in
the name of modern progress only serves to deepen the biodiversity crisis by
replacing the rare genes of ill children with those of homogeneously healthly
humans. The quest for funding and thirst for more knowledge that drives the
genetic-medical industry toward a redesigning of life, rather than
researching solutions based on respect for natural processes, are arrogant
and dangerous. ELF has thus decided to end such research by violent means.

A communiqué sent by the E.L.F. stated, "Over 30 research children and 5
research monkeys were cut down trampled."

The communiqué continued, "At JHRH, researchers were modifying DNA to
prevent a variety of painful and ultimately fatal childhood diseases. The
work of these capitalist doctors threatened to create a whole generation of
disease-resistant children able to live productive and happy lives. Some of
the children might have themselves become scientists and doctors, thus
continuing the cycle of anti-environmental activitiy."

The ELF added, "Searching for super-technological solutions to problems
caused by human reproduction does a great disservice to the future of our
planet by ignoring the reciprocal and highly probable effects of tampering
with basic life processes. Direct actionists such as ELF have demonstrated
that they believe in going beyond the legally sanctioned forms of protest, to
draw attention to the grave dangers of GE and to ensure that children suffer
and die as nature intended."

* * *

T.0. Morrow

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