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From: Damien Broderick (d.broderick@english.unimelb.edu.au)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 22:19:02 MDT

The curious might care to glance at


where the latest issue of the Australian sf/fantasy magazine EIDOLON can be
downloaded (at a price). It contains a small entertainment by yours truly
(`Infinite Monkey'), and a mixed batch of other Aussie fiction. I certainly
wouldn't recommend paying $US10.95 just to read my story, but there's
plenty more to enjoy if you're feeling adventurous. Here's the contents'
list and a few details:


                    Indicator Species by Cecily Scutt
                    Two Thousand Years by Russell Blackford
                    Marilyn by Jack Dann
                    Three Roses by Garth Nix
                    Matthew 24:36 by Chris Lawson
                    Seas of Change by Carol Ryles
                    Infinite Monkey by Damien Broderick
                    Morda's Wrath by Misha Kumashov
                    The Elephant Sways As It Walks by Geoffrey Maloney
                    The Dry-Witch by Penelope Love
                    The Devotee by Stephen Dedman
                    A Serpent in Eden by Simon Brown & Alison Tokley
                    The Saltimbanques by Terry Dowling
                    The Gloaming by Lucy Sussex
                    The Land Itself by Sean Williams

                 NOTE: Palm and Rocket versions are text-only versions of
Eidolon. Artwork and advertising are
                 not included. One nonfiction article by Greg Egan is also
not included due to illustrations that
                 could not be properly rendered. This article and other
omitted material is available online at:

                 The Acrobat version is modified from the paper edition.
Some graphics and all advertisements
                 have been removed to make the file small enough for
download over standard modems.

                 File sizes (approximate) are: Acrobat: 1.1 megabytes,
Palm: 280 kilobytes, Rocket: 250

                 First Published:

                 Available Formats: Acrobat, Palm, Rocket eBook
                 - Words: 89000
                 - Reading time: 254-356 min.

Damien Broderick

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