Re: The games are all crap; let's make a decent one.

From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 20:29:55 MDT

--- "Emlyn (onetel)" <> wrote:
> Very small indeed. Sadly.
> There are some really dynamite old games around,
> which wont work in current OSes. I keep "Tie
> Fighter" around, because I just loved that game - I
> know the flight model is naughty, but the game
> itself is fantastic.

True. Too true.

> Doom (I) is another big one (maybe that will work
> under windows?).

Works for me... I run it on my Win95 box quite
frequently, with nary a problem thus far, and on the
Win98 one occasionally, no problems there yet

> I've given up trying to get those games to run under
> win 9x

When they aren't happy in a DOS session from in
Windows, I just reboot into DOS-only mode and they
work fine.

> (actually I use NT, which makes possibilities really

> remote).

Well, maybe you could create a seperate partition (DOS
doesn't like NTFS) and install DOS on it (party!
party!), and then dual-boot into it...

> What I'm intending to do is get a really hot little
> 486 together, or maybe a low end pentium, with heaps

> of memory & HD space, totally over specced. You
> know, like 16 meg of ram and maybe even a 1 gig hd.
> Wow!

Honestly, my 95'er isn't much better than that!! :)
Got it only a month or two after Win95's first OSR;
originally equipped with 1.2 GB HD (now 6.4, but only
because the old one died-- luckily I was able to
rescue my >3 yrs of data and programs from it before
it went completely), 90MHz Pentium I (both processor
and motherboard still not upgraded, sadly), 6x CD-ROM
(now 48x - fastest thing in the whole system, lol...
when the 6x died, the 48x was the slowest model (other
than the DVD drives of varying speeds) the local
computer store had in stock! same with the harddrive,
it was the smallest there), mediocre soundcard (now on
the third upgrade-- they just keep dying! ;) ), 2MB
video card (still the same... ~sigh~), a 3.5" diskette
drive (at least *that* still works, lol), and a 17"
(wow those were expensive back then, lol) monitor from
some company I've never heard of anywhere else named
"Shamrock" (oddly, the best thing in the whole
system-- haven't had a single problem with it yet,
either). All that for only ~US$3K! (urk, really stings
now, in the age of fully-loaded GHz systems for less
than that...) Hey, don't laugh *quite* so hard, that
was top-of-the-line back then!! ;) Ah, witness Moore's
law in effect! :)

> Then pop DOS 6 on, config it to do all kinds of
> tricks so that there's upwards of 700K of base
> memory available, and away we go!

Yep. Vroom vroom. :)

> There are a whole bunch of excellent games from the
> era when that was state of the art, which I could
> never play properly because my machine wasn't top of

> the line;

Heh, at least I was "top-of-the-line" for a while...
okay, for a little while, at least... okay, years and
years ago... aaaah, never mind ;)

> I always wanted to come back to them in the future
> and give it a real go. I guess I'm in the future
> now (Year 2000!), so it's time.

Yep, it's The Future(TM) now, all right... and just
think, in a year we'll have interplanetary
spaceflight, AI, widely-used vidphones, and perfect
speech-recognition! ;) Either that, or the
Apocalypse(TM) that we missed Jan 2000 is waiting till
the *real* First Day Of The New Millennium (don't
believe what Prince says! LIES! nothing but lies!) determined by our arbitrary system of measuring
time... and will strike in ~162 days (heck, it's not
even nessecarily the same day in different parts of
the world at any given time! what, is it going to
strike 24 seperate times, in clearly defined areas of
the planet as designated by the time-zones? if not,
then which time-zone's time will it go by? ;) ) when
the 21st century actually *does* roll around...

> Is anyone actually doing this? Is it as fun as I
> suspect?

lol, it's about all the gaming complexity the Win95
system can handle, so it's never seen much more than
old DOS games anyhow... still have quite a collection
of 'em (the ones I haven't lost the disks/CDs for, at
least!)... One of my favorites is "Cyberia"; dude, now
*that* is awesome DOS graphics!! ;)

Woah. I think I've rambled on long enough now. :)

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