Re: Werner's syndrome may have nothing to do with normal aging

From: CYMM (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 17:33:35 MDT

ROBERT BRADBURY SAID: "...There is no clear way of knowing
if lifespan decreasing genes are defective variants of lifespan
extending genes..."

CYMM SAYS: In fact they may not be defects at all... but simply genes that
are selected for - or not selected against - under a harsh regime... like
the archtypal sickle cell gene.

The apo polymorphisms might be placed might be the various genes
for type II diabetes; that gene variant... damn I forgot ...for platelet
aggregability; and of course the Mt5178 complex.

It's a morass Robert. And I'm getting old. Surely there must be a
blunderbuss LE strategy - a holding pattern solution - while we wait for the
news to come in from the front?


>This was one of the problems I had with the work that was being
>done at Aeiveos Sciences Group. There is no clear way of knowing
>if lifespan decreasing genes are defective variants of lifespan
>extending genes. They may very well not be. Conversely if
>you are genotyping long-lived individuals, you have no way
>of knowing whether you will discover the lifespan extending
>genes or simply the lack of those mutations that in fact
>result in disease predispositions that shorten lifespan.

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