Re: SOC/BIO: ELF Action

Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 15:18:24 MDT

In a message dated 7/20/00 2:26:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
>(The ELF Communiques:)
>> On behalf of native forests everywhere, we attacked the US Forest
>> North Central Research Station Forest Biotechnology Laboratory in
>> Rhinelander, Wisconsin last night. Over 500 research pine and broadleaf
>> trees and saplings were cut down, ring-barked and trampled.
Additionally, ten
>> Forest Service trucks were defaced and calling cards were left behind.
>> to an overzealous security guard, we had to make an earlier than
>> anticipated exit.
>> In Rhinelander, the Forest Service is mapping the DNA of white pine and
>> attempting to genetically engineer them to be resistant to pine rust.

So the ELF is working for the benefit of pathogenic fungi.
Sounds about right. Pity the trees weren't being engin-
eered to resist a smut, because that would have made for
a great joke :-)

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