Re: No AI for Nano/No Nano for copyloads

From: Robin Hanson (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 07:12:28 MDT

Emlyn wrote:
> >>... What am interested in is continuing.
> > Well if this is your goal, declaring you are willing to be uploaded at a
> > 10% chance of success is clearly the wrong strategy. ...
> > Instead you should just get rich and wait.
>This is probably where there's a conflict with singularity/no singularity
>scenarios. I see mega-copied uploads as a recipe for singularity, esp. if
>you've uploaded people savvy about their upload environment (admittedly this
>is not likely for a cryonaut). So I think getting rich & waiting is likely a
>path to failure in this endeavour; it doesn't matter how much money you've
>got, it'll still be (in a singularity scenario) the first uploads who decide
>if you get to come on board, or are fed to the carnobots.
>In a non-singularity environment, of course you are correct; it's better to
>wait until the kinks are ironed out, then get uploaded into MS Upload v27. ...

As you may have noticed, the term "singularity" is used many different ways.
But it seems you think that there is more than a 90% chance that the first
uploads would kill you. Is that because you are special, or do you think >90%
of everyone would be killed? Do you expect that because that is what you
do if you succeeded in being one of the first?! Think carefully; I may
have to
start the "Anyone but Emlyn" faction. :-)

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