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Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 18:52:56 MDT


Canis lupus was once a worldwide species. Everywhere he/she went, man
domesticated them (or is it the other way around?)

If you raise a wolf cub (try to use a non-boreal subspecies) he/she comes
out like a dog.

I've raised my six Rottweilers like wolves, ie, in a social order similar to
wolfdom's. I have one male, six females. Do I get endless litters? No... 1
female breeds. Her sister helps care for the pups.

The alpha female... who is older and apparently more dominant than the male
refuses to mate. She doesn't participate in caring for the pups but she will
not tolerate any show of agression by any pack member toward them. She is
the niece of the breeding females.

Are these sexually promiscuous dogs? No. Do dogs practise regimented
breeding and cooperative rearing?. No.

What changed? Just the culture. Nothing else (I have Kennel Club papers to
prove that they're Rotties!).


(BTW, If I could ever port a linguistic brain module to my Rotties... I
don't think I'll ever want to speak to a human again! What friends!)

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