Re: SOC/AG-BIO: AgBio Industry Beginning to Wake Up

From: Doug Jones (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 16:35:12 MDT

"R. Harrill" wrote:
> Here's the July 10th message I was referring to. Are you saying it's
>not an attack?
> "Well, hello troll, I haven't seen you around here before... do you have
> anything substantive to say, or are you just a hit & run luddite?"
> According to my files, I had posted twice prior to the attack so I
> really do feel like the author was trying to Catch-22 me ("don't post
> here until you've been seen posting for a while"). I don't know if
> he is the moderator or not.

Ok, Robert, here we go again. My labeling of you as a troll was in
response to this post:

"R. Harrill" wrote:
> Spike Jones wrote:
> > Yes it is, you are right. The good news is we can take the
> > GMC emblems off of pickup trucks in the junk yards, cut
> > off the C and have a great metal GM logo... {8-] spike
> You could also rename this rather dubious "science" Genetically
> Modified Crap and save hacksaw blades.

I dinged you for being rude and lacking content, not simply for being
new. You took exception to this:

> Doug, be warned that I've got an industrial weed-control flamer
> that can be pointed your way if you want to start something with
> that "troll" horseshit. For that matter, I can back up the manure
> spreader to your front door and return your load of HS in a place
> you might not want it. Be civil.

In return, I offered some advice:

 You're not likely to gain much credence here if you start out with
 scatological notes and don't back up your assertions with evidence.
 The burden of proof is on you- where's your beef?

That is *not* a catch-22. It was a request for you to back up your
"fighting words" with evidence. I'm not a moderator, not do I have any
position of authority here. Playing the victim card isn't likely to
gain you much credence, either. Argue the issues, not the personalites.

Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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