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Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 15:05:21 MDT

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> Since when is converting your opponent to your point of view the
> only (or even primary) purpose of an argument? On a public mailing
> list like this I can think of many other goals:... learning about the

Actually, this could have been a good opporunity to gain some understanding
of the concerns of people who are "anti-GM." Some of the questions I have

 1. what was the source of the info that led the person to be against GM?
2. what elements of GM does the person find disturbing?
3. is there anything that would lead the person find GM less threatening?
4. What is the level of the person's understanding of GM?
5. Is the person against sophisticated technology in general?
6. Does the person rely on sophisticated technology in their daily lives?
7. If not, what are their lives like?
8. What do they think life would be like without sophisticated technology?


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