Re: Communication and Conversion, WAS:[Re: SOC/AG-BIO: AgBio Industry Beginning to Wake Up]

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 13:51:52 MDT

Wilson wrote:
> The analogy that just popped into my head is taking a shower.. If the water
> is too hot, all of your pores close up, and you can't get clean. If you walk
> up to someone and say:
> "Hey.. All your ideas are wrong. Your God doesn't exist. I will live forever
> as a dark matter wave traversing the universe, replacing everything I touch
> with a realtime simulation in my vast distributed processing network powered
> by the near-infinite electromagnetic flux in hard vacuum."
> They're probably not going to want to talk to you for long.

I don't know how hot you like your shower, but I was under the impression that
its cold that closes the pores to minimize heat loss (i.e. reducing surface area
exposed to the cold).

People should join the list having at least some idea what extropy and
transhumanism is about. Jumping in a real hot shower right off the bat, when you
know its a hot shower, and that the people already in the shower like it that
way, then complaining about how hot it is does not seem to me to be a very
intelligent or logical thing to do. Getting a soap bar enema at that point would
be the least of your worries...

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