Re: No AI for Nano/No Nano for copyloads

From: Dana Hedberg (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 11:39:26 MDT

Robin Hanson wrote:
> My wife once had her biological clock go off good and loud, at which point
> she wanted *children*, not sex. So we do have strong evolved urges for kids.
> And all else equal I would get pleasure from knowing there were lots of mes
> around. And I would also get pleasure from knowing that I was "competitive"
> in the evolutionary process. And the main quality of life issue is just
> whether life is worth living. I do want to create more lives worth living,
> even if they are very poor. Of course if the life created would rather
> commit suicide than continue, I'd rather not create that life.
> Robin Hanson

My question to you then, Robin, is how would you know for sure if the
life you create would rather commit suicide than live, if you don't
create that life first? Seems an unhappy paradox.


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