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Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 11:21:25 MDT

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> > I think micronutrient rice is probably a good idea.
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> > I think RoundUp *.* is a bad idea, I want to know if a product
> > contains it because there is zero chance of me using any product
> > that contains it.

I somehow missed the original post about Roundup, else I probably would have
commented before this. I'm curious. Who made the original post about not
using Roundup? Even though it's made by a company I'd rather not do businss
with, to the best of my understanding, Roundup is one of the least harmful
of all pesticides. (I believe that the product can now be made and marketed
by companies other than Monsanto)

The active ingredient of Roundup, glyphosate-isopropylmine, interferes with
photosynthesis in actively growing plants. When it comes into contact with
soil or water it immediately breaks down into a mild phosphate (which the
plants can use) and naturally occurring salts. Roundup has no effect on a
plant that is not actively growing. You could eat it with no ill effects
(other than possibly diarrhea if you ate a large quantity--which is the same
thing you could say about any food for that matter).

Given the permanently destructive nature of plowing, I think no-till
agriculture with the use of Roundup for weed prevention is by far the better

I've seen stuff here and there on the Web about Roundup being toxic, but
I've never seen a bit of substantiation for these claims.

(I don't use Roundup myself, partly because of the expense, and partly
because the particular horticultural method I use takes advantage of weeds
rather than banning them)


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