Re: CRYO/AGING: [was Re: CRYO: Illegality of Cryonics in British Columbia]

From: Scott Badger (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 09:22:25 MDT

--- Zero Powers <> wrote:
> >From: "Wilson" <>
> >The entire human population of the Earth has room
> to stand, elbow to
> >elbow, in Leon County, Florida, USA.
> Hmmm. Assuming you give everybody 1 square foot to
> stand in (which is
> pretty tight quarters, especially for some people),
> that's 6 billion square
> feet. Which translates into 1,136,364 square miles.
> That's a pretty damn
> *big* county!!
> -Zero

Er, these calculations are interesting but why do
people talk about how much room there is? Aren't
resources the more limiting factor. There's clearly
more room than there are resources, no?

- Scott

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