Re: SOC/AG-BIO: AgBio Industry Beginning to Wake Up

From: R. Harrill (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 08:25:54 MDT

Michael S. Lorrey" added his attack to the prior attack I grumbled about:

> I've been on the list for years, and I've NEVER heard of any such thing.
> Either you made it up or you deliberately misunderstood someones
> recommendation that you just listen for a while to get into the flow of
> the list.

Here's the July 10th message I was referring to. Are you saying it's not an attack?

"Well, hello troll, I haven't seen you around here before... do you have
anything substantive to say, or are you just a hit & run luddite?"

According to my files, I had posted twice prior to the attack so I really do feel like
the author was trying to Catch-22 me ("don't post here until you've been seen posting
for a while"). I don't know if he is the moderator or not.

> There is no *impossible*, only difficult, expensive, or time consuming.

Obviously, we have different opinions. Not everything can be stuffed back in Pandora's
Box. BTW, I'm here at ground-zero (i.e, farming the soil). How many miles back are

> Tree huggers like you think something is *impossible* if the solution

Is that a name?

> does not satisfy your "I want it now" spoiled brat baby boomer

Is that another name?

> attitudes. Nature does heal. Its very good at it (just look at the Mt.
> St. Helens 'Dead Zone' for proof).

Interesting that you would bring that up. Really good farmers, as opposed to the
"spread bagged stuff and poison the sh*t out of anything that moves" variety knew
beforehand that Mt. St. Helens would go a long way toward remineralizing thousands of
square miles of needy land.

> The anti-GMO side is ignorant to the extreme (hell, they can't even

It that a name?

> pronounce 'nuclear' right), their whole argument is based on ignorance,

Is that another name---or two?

> and a willful ignorance at that. Their science is pseudo-science of the

Is that two more?

> worst sort, that any real scientist would laugh at as the product of a
> sixth grade student, with logical errors abounding and much unaccounted
> for evidence.

Two more---what is the name count up to?

I generally fire up the killfile when the name-calling count hits ten. Besides, I was
only trying to offer another opinion and don't always have time for battles.

Rex Harrill

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