Re: SOC/AG-BIO: AgBio Industry Beginning to Wake Up

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 07:14:14 MDT

"R. Harrill" wrote:
> passed on a piece that described how the biotech industry is going
> to ram GMO down our throats whether we like it or not:
> > In 1999, genetically modified seeds designed to produce their own
> > insecticides or withstand powerful new herbicides comprised 57 percent of the
> Here's an updated quote for you: "Science stops where politics [or marketing]
> begins."
> My last post was labeled troll-work by someone who insisted I had no right to say
> anything until I had posted a certain (unspecified) number of posts first. The
> abrupt Catch-22 attack took me aback.
> Anyway, I have something else to say. If Catch-22 is still in effect, someone
> else will have to set the server to delete my message.

I've been on the list for years, and I've NEVER heard of any such thing.
Either you made it up or you deliberately misunderstood someones
recommendation that you just listen for a while to get into the flow of
the list.

> Question: are you folks familiar with the Bay of Mexico dead zone? If not, here's
> a basic reference...
> Now the article gives a simplistic "nutrient overload" view of the matter, but
> there are those who look deeper. And some of the better minds are wondering if
> modern farming with its over-reliance on herbicides is causing problems much
> bigger, and faster, than nature can clean them up. I'm only using the "Dead Zone"
> as one illustration of non-thinking people pushing us into deep trouble. There
> are plenty more: the Chesapeake Bay, Long Island Sound, etc.
> I know many of you people are gizmo-heads and think technology is *the* answer for
> everything, but big-time messing with the environment can cause trouble that may
> be impossible to back out of---emergency government funding to the contrary.

There is no *impossible*, only difficult, expensive, or time consuming.
Tree huggers like you think something is *impossible* if the solution
does not satisfy your "I want it now" spoiled brat baby boomer
attitudes. Nature does heal. Its very good at it (just look at the Mt.
St. Helens 'Dead Zone' for proof).

The anti-GMO side is ignorant to the extreme (hell, they can't even
pronounce 'nuclear' right), their whole argument is based on ignorance,
and a willful ignorance at that. Their science is pseudo-science of the
worst sort, that any real scientist would laugh at as the product of a
sixth grade student, with logical errors abounding and much unaccounted
for evidence.

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