Re: SOC/AG-BIO: AgBio Industry Beginning to Wake Up

Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 06:38:33 MDT

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> Here's an updated quote for you: "Science stops where politics [or
> begins."
> My last post was labeled troll-work by someone who insisted I had no right
> to say
> anything until I had posted a certain (unspecified) number of posts first.
> The
> abrupt Catch-22 attack took me aback.

I don't label your posts as "troll-work". The point of my comments and work
in this area is that the process of science and technology policy is, for
better or worse, one of politics (which means marketing in our system as it
currently stands). It's not how I'd necessarily have it, if I could snap my
fingers and effect a change. But I see too clearly that the opponents of
progress have adopted an "agitprop" approach to science and technology policy
which requires a response in kind, if any progress is to be made. I agree
with you that we are likely to have more errors by conducting our affairs in
this manner, than if we could simply allow the scientific method to work
itself out by its own logic.

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