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Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 14:03:50 MDT


Then we should fund, not research, but a political lobby - spanning the

Does that make sense to you??... where do we start? Are you interested in
politics - as a lobbyist?

No. I'm serious.

If all we can currently do at this stage is to talk (...please, this is not
to give offense...) let's do the talk effectively.


(alain huitdeniers)

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>On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, CYMM wrote:
>> CYMM SAYS: What's the idea Robert? ... spread the paradigm... make it a
>> mainstream thing and so eventually some of the national resources would
>> channeled by the political directorate into LE...?
>> A socioeconomic approach to LE??? Hmmm.
>Of course its a socioeconomic paradigm problem. If we "thought"
>we could "solve" aging to the same degree we "thought" we could
>build a quasi-effective missle defense system, don't you think
>we would have spent $100B on that instead? (Spike or John, correct
>me if that figure is wrong). That is roughly 30x the amount
>spent on the human genome project and equal to ~6+ years of
>the current NIH budget.
>One would like to believe that with a year or two of intensive
>retraining, most of the bright engineers & software people at
>Lockheed, Boeing, etc. who work on defense projects could
>refocus on micro & nanoengineering to extend life. Now isn't
>that an interesting concept?
>And believe me it will take that level of effort -- the design
>of biobots with several thousand "parts" or nanobots with
>potentially billions of atoms will require large teams of
>people who understand large scale engineering efforts --
>those are generally *not* the people who work in life sciences
>related fields.
>The important thing to relize about Life Extension efforts is
>"THE PROGRAM *IS* BROKEN". It was not and cannot (by nature)
>be designed to allow you to live indefinately. To fix it
>completely you are going to have to reengineer it. The only
>way to do that is with large scale engineering efforts.

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