Re: CRYO/AGING: [was Re: CRYO: Illegality of Cryonics in British Columbia]

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 12:31:57 MDT

CYMM wrote:
> MICHAEL SAID: "...Revival WILL be
> acheived some day, and the revival priority will most likely be a 'last in,
> first out' regimen, as the most recent cryonauts will likely be the easiest
> to
> revive, so I don't think the statements of post mortem bravery posted here
> on
> the list have much risk of being called upon at some future date...."
> CYMM SAYS: I really wish I had such faith... I'm not even sure that our
> cirrent civilization is robust enough to withstand the slings & arrows of
> the 21st Century. There is far too much interdependence and
> overpopulation... a descent to a "lower" level of civilization would provoke
> mass death & and huge loss of technological knowledge.

The followers of Dr. Mathus thought, in the 1800's, that we would have long ago
reached the dismal state you describe. Guess what? No such luck. As time goes on
I am less and less concerned with the bleats and brays of the naysayers and
luddites. They are a pain, but they are engineering their own obsolescence and

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