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Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 08:37:43 MDT

It appears as if Dana Hedberg <> wrote:
|Perhaps. What it does indicate, as you point out, is that you have had
|ample opportunities to communicate, or at least share some kind of
|bond/connection, with animals other than humans. I've often felt that I
|have a very good rapport with animals, especially of the domestic kind.
|I don't consider myself a "cat person", quite the opposite in fact. But,
|it never fails that whenever I'm at a place that has cats, they flock to
|me covering me in their hair. *sigh*

I have made some empirical studies of how cats interact which each other
and with humans.

I have noticed that people allergic to cats normally try to avoid the cat,
by avoiding to even look at it, so it won't approach them.

They are in error.

In the cat body language, this means they behave non-aggressively, and most
cats will approach them shortly, in a simular manner, to show they appreciate
the gesture.

If people stare intently on the cat, in the cat body language, this means
they behave aggressively, and most cats will try to avoid them, esp. if the
people make fast head movements to stare at the cat whenever it moves into
the neighbourhood of the human. After a while the cat feel threated and
will retire from the area.

If that does not work, looking at the cat, baring the teeth, and make a low
hissing noise will make the cat definitely avoid the human.

A small kitten lived with me for some time, and when it followed me out for
the first, a neighbourhood cat came to inspect it. I showed the warning
behaviour above, as any cat mother would have, and the neighbourhood cat
still avoids me even though the incident happened many years ago.

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