Re: Instrumented toilet seats (light bulbs for Lorrey)

From: John Marrek (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 22:06:58 MDT

Cool. Thanks for the help. (Sounds like you're keeping
up to me--or started way ahead.) Two quick Qs here:

If you're gonna look that stuff up--can you find out
if there's a loooong life full-spectrum Ott-approved
light (or lights) out there? (Can be flourescent;
these lights are properly shielded.)I mean, hey, I may
as well do it right...

Secondly--where did you learn al this, and what are
good sources for such research?

Thanks again,



On 18 Jul 2000, at 20:56, Michael S. Lorrey wrote:

> John Marrek wrote:
> >
> > Ah--then YOU can tell me where to find an
> > that won't burnout for a decade or so..? I know
> > exist, but they're understandably unpopular
> > lightbulb-makers.
> I will look things up to see the best suppliers, but
here are some
> offhand comments:
> a) if you are running 110-120 vac, use an
incandescent bulb rated for
> 135 volts or higher. The light produced won't be as
'white', but it WILL
> last a long time. Manufacturers won't tell you about
this, because the
> want to keep selling you bulbs, but this is the
secret of the '30 year
> bulb'. Long life incandescent bulbs are long lived
because they have fat
> tungsten filaments, which consequently consume lots
of power for the
> amount of light they produce.
> b) you can buy good full spectrum tri-phosphor
compact fluorescent lamps
> with electronic ballasts built in (some are even
dimmable) that use
> about 40% of the energy of an incandescent lamp, and
last for 3-7 years,
> based on actual hours used per year. These come
built into a globular
> diffuser to simulate a normal bulb. Sylvania makes
the best of these.
> c) There are also bulbs that have clusters of LEDs
built into them which
> are even more efficient than fluorescent, typically
using less than 20%
> of the energy of a comparative incandescent bulb. I
will look up makers
> of these devices for you.
> I'm not in the energy efficiency business anymore,
so I have not kept up
> much...

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