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Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 21:56:20 MDT

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From: Dana Hedberg <>

I have trouble responding to you, Dana, and I'll do my best to point out

You wrote:

> I would argue that my usage of environment as an 'entity' is strongly
> suggestive of Gaea Theory. While not a complete one to one mapping, I
> thought that perhaps I could winnow down our discussion to a belief that
> could possibly account for an appropriate use of the word spiritual by
> sort of jumping ahead to see if you subscribed to any of that belief.

If you wondered whether I like the Gaea Theory, it would have been more
efficient to ask directly rather than trying to winnow. And how about
instead of "suggesting" things you just come right out and say them?

> So, you are certain that some kind of communication took place?

What are you looking for here? To move the discussion into the realm of
epistemolgy? To discuss the meaning of certainty? To talk about different
forms of communication? Are you "suggesting" that humans and non-humans
never communicate with each other?

I don't understand if you're actually interested in what I have to say, or
if you want to have an argument. I already agreed with you that "spiritual"
was not a good choice of words.


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