RE: spiritual hyperspace

From: altamira (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 16:15:41 MDT

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> Ah. Well, I thought I would ask, because if you were a believer in Gaea
> Theory, then your use of the word spiritual to mean a 'connection' with
> that entity, I would capitulate and agree your usage is appropriate.

But in the Gaea Theory, the term Gaea would refer to a specific, bounded
entity, not "surroundings" or "environment."

> Cause and effect link? Hmmm. I'm trying to see what you mean by this
> given the example you posted a while back. When you released the coyote,
> that was the cause which generated the effect of being able to commune
> with it?

The cause of the communication which occurred between me and the coyote
could have been some as yet unidentified property of consciousness.

> Interesting. Why not?

Why not consider a feeling as an explanation? Because a feeling is not an
explanation. If you equate feelings with explanations you're throwing away
more than just precision in language. To explain (according to my
dictionary) is to show logical development or relationships. To confuse this
with a feeling or hunch would probably be fatal to me within a short time,
since I work with dangerous stuff like electricity and chainsaws, and depend
on explanations of how plants grow and which wild plants are edible and so
forth in oder to eat.

 Also, one of the definitions is an appeal to higher
> emotions or an aesthetic sense, which definitely gets across the feeling
> I believe you are describing.

 It's true that I experienced feelings in connection with the coyote. These
feelings included surprise (to find the coyote in the fence), sorrow (that
the coyote had gotten her leg caught), happpiness (that she was still able
to run after I got her leg free), curiosity ("Gee, I wonder how this coyote
is able to understand that I'm trying to help her"), and what you might call
love, in that I felt a kinship to the coyote, as one living thing to
another. Maybe this last is what you mean by higher emotion?


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