Re: boffins with lawnmowers

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 18:47:07 MDT

> This is a kinda silly post, but in micro-editing THE SPIKE for the US
> edition my editor asks for US-friendly replacements for `boffin' and
> `motor-mower engine'.
> Main Entry: bof·fin
> Pronunciation: 'bä-f&n
> Function: noun
> Etymology: origin unknown
> Date: 1945
> chiefly British : a scientific expert;
> especially : one involved in technological
> research
> and a motor-mower engine is the sort of lawnmower run by petrol (gas),
> rather than human ATP and huffing sounds.
> My use of `boffins' relates to Arthur C Clarke and his Interplanetary
> Society chums after WW II, so it's kinda hard to see why I should use a
> *non*-Brit term, but if you demmed colonials don't understand what it
> means, then I shall do so. Any suggestions for Yankoid contenders? `Nerd
> and `geek' are of course much too recent. `Pundit' isn't quite right.
> `Longhaired experts', `pointyheads' and other 1950ish terms don't catch it
> either.

"Egghead" would be understood here. Also "lab coat".

"Lawnmower" by itself in the US generally means the motorized kind
already. We call the ATP-driven variety a "push-mower", but I don't
think most Americans have ever seen one. Since you seem to want to
refer to the engine itself (such as might be used a play vehicle),
"lawnmower engine" would be understood as such (and the vehicles one
makes with such engines are called "go-carts").

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