Re: Life Extension strategies [was Re: How does Taxol, Lapachone"fix"bad checkpoints?]

From: CYMM (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 04:24:38 MDT

ROBERT BRADBURY SAID: ".... I'd argue that there are subsets of the
population that need GH & CoQ10, GH or CoQ10 or none of the above. Anything
that doesn't kill you before the age of reproduction is likely to be
somewhat polymorphic. Look at ApoE for example...."

CYMM SAYS: That seems reasonable... but Gh & CoQ10 are mostly for
post-reproductive individuals in my opinion. Aren't you putting a little too
much faith in the rate of technological development? I mean if the curve has
the shape you imagine but progresses at 50% the rate you had surmised, you
can miss the bus! A heartbreaking situation.

Or, Robert, do you, as you're so close to the cutting edge, know something
that we average LE people don't know?

Don't hold out on the proletariat now!

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