Re: May be impossible to live long-term in space

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 23:32:39 MDT

This is hilarious if the Penrose model of microtubule-mediated
consciousness is correct.

>After a day in orbit, the microtubules
> grew in random directions.
> The findings might explain some of
> the health problems people living in
> space have, such as depressed
> immune systems.

Bugger the immune system, their minds will revert to sub-bacterial sludge.
Once again, let's hear it: `Daisy, Daiiissssyyyy--'

(It might explain some of the less than poetically triumphant utterances
broadcast from space. `Congratulations, Lunar One. You are the first human
to stand within the moon's magnificent desolation, like stout Cortes upon a
peak in Darien. What are your first impressions in this unparalleled
moment?' `Uh, duh, it's, like, real... barren... and, like, empty up here,
Capcon. I'm gonna play some miniature golf now.')

Damien Broderick

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