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I am a complete vegetarian with a very high intake of fruit and vegetables.
I'm 49, and I've spent a lot of time getting to know people who have
deliberately taken care of themselves over the years. A lot of those people
were followers of older "diet gurus" like Lelord Kordel and especially
Gaylord Hauser.

I try to do the scientific literature (which isn't always medically
applicable to an LE regime).

My daily caloric intake varies from 1200 - 1500 cal (i guess). It is
extremely low in fat - I actually have to supplement fat with small amounts
of olive oil & soon, evening primrose oil.

I cycle high amounts of turmeric powder... and eat lots of raw garlic;
onions & chives. Apart from the usual B megavitamins, including folate & B6;
I take zinc; chromium picolinate; Vitamin E & around six grams vit C a day.

I have recently gone on 120mg Co Q10 /day and I think I notice a difference.

I'm trying to get viable seeds of Milk Thistle so that I can prepare my own

I infrequently do Momordica Charantia (the friut) on a week on week off

I'm back on melatonin... but it changes me from a lark to an owl.

My exercise regime is mild... and I've given up jogging and weight training
for the last eight years. Simply because of a busy schedule - nothing else.
I still walk a lot.

I cycle aspirin; but its correlated with garlic intake.

I got my BP down from 120/80 to 90/65.

I got my blood glucose down to 40mg... since I started ethinyl estradiol
/norgestrel - it's up to 70mg (this is to be expected).

I've been doing the megavitamins & C & E since I was in my early twenties.

My main vice is that for the past 10 years or so I've gotten very little
sleep 4 - 51/2 hrs a night (i'd prefer 8- 10) because I'm working towards a
relatively early retirement beginning next year.

I think it has worked for me. I welcome advice & criticism from any
practicioners of LE.

CR becomes my focus from next year. 800 cals/day (i have the genetics for
it- and I've done it before.)

Then LE & cognitive software will hopefully take up maybe 70% of my time.


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>I too would be interested to hear from anyone here that is using mods
>in diet or taking supplements to extend their lifespan and/or improve
>quality of life. Please list not only the the items in your regimen,
>but the effect you expect each item to have, and your current age. Thanks

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