Re: Fast-acting 5-HTP supplementation for accute despair

Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 07:13:55 MDT

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> It is my opinion that depression never killed anybody. In general,
> suicide is the treatment of choice for those who are afraid to
> openly express intense rage and whose self-pity motivates a
> desire to inflict the punishment of guilt on selected survivors.
> While clinical depression can be the result of a variety of initial
> conditions, both Freud and Jung at least in this area agreed --
> Freud called it "regression in the service of the ego" and Jung,
> in his esoteric way, called it "negredo" or "decensus" -- the
> "Dark Night of the Soul" sort of thing.
> At any rate, we may suppose that at least some exogenous
> depressions are a phase in a process of psychic reconstruction.

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