[Fwd: IP: Sealand is Independent, says U.k. Pension Dept. (WIRED)]

From: Brian Atkins (brian@posthuman.com)
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 06:18:54 MDT

Story about Havenco on CNN "business unusual" tonight.

Dave Farber wrote:
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> >So Much for That Plan:
> >
> >Speaking of data havens, remember that tiny platform off the coast of
> >England where a band of cypherpunks have been busy starting HavenCo?
> >
> >Part of the allure of HavenCo is that it is based on Sealand, an ostensibly
> >independent nation. But that concept rests on a shaky legal foundation: a
> >1968 court decision that said Sealand was outside of Britain's territorial
> >waters.
> >
> >Well, turns out that the British authorities have changed their minds. This
> >week immigration officials at Heathrow barred a HavenCo engineer from
> >entering the country, the Daily Telegraph reported.
> >
> >That move doesn't necessarily threaten HavenCo, insists CEO Sean Hastings.
> >
> >"Several departments of the British government continue to maintain that
> >Sealand is independent from the UK," Hastings said in an email message to
> >Wired News. "Prince Roy's pension based on his decorated World War Two
> >service to the British military is paid to him only while he resides in the
> >UK. He is not eligible for payment during the times when he is in residence
> >in Sealand based on the pension department's decision that it is not part of
> >England."
> >
> >http://www.wired.com/news/politics/0,1283,37573,00.html?tw=wn20000715
> >
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