Re: psi as a boundary breaking possibility

Date: Sat Jul 15 2000 - 14:44:53 MDT

Yes, I believe the analogy is perfect. Unfortunately, there is much to
Amazing's contention that the fraudulent seem to polute any area of research
for a buck. The kinds of people who have been n getting my attention in this
regard have been medium's who "remote image" the deceased. A lot of what they
appear to do is performing a "question tree inquiry" where after certain
assumptions are made regarding the ''marks' needs, the psychic they preys
while he prays. Then images are spoken about, " I see someone standing near
you...its an older gentleman...(blank stares from the Mark) he's
stepping away..its female, an older female...she's wearing a brown
plaid..coat...(mark's expression changes)...she seems to have her hair in a
scarf..a white scarf..(Mark looks confused)....Theres a women of the same age
standing near this one...she's holding a cross medalion around her
neck..(mark is on the verge of tears)...this is where the "Psychic' has to
tread as not to lose his client's gulability. Hence Psi is one
of the areas of study I place last, not until peer-reviewed evidence is solid
anyways, or at least until it appears more plausible.

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<< There is an old joke among psychiatrists pertaining to the
 neurotic defense of reaction formation -- that is, the Old
 Maid who every night when retiring looks under the bed
 to make sure the thing she wants most isn't there.
 Randi, who after all describes himself as a "magician", has
 an obsession that reminds me of his peer Harry Houdini
 who virtually exhausted himself to prove that the thing
 he most wanted to authenticate was a fraud -- "spiritual
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 The Orion Institute
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 Brevard, NC 28712-3659 USA
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