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> Greg, I'm sure with only a minor amount of engineering, I can
> come up with both a self-loading viral vector and a plant
> derived artificial chromosome enabling the growth of roots.
> A mixture of said elements when applied to the bottom of Damian's
> feet will enable us to plant him in some corn field where his
> primary function will be to scare away the crows. This invention
> will give a whole new meaning to the term "stick-in-the-mud".

hmmmm . . . having recently seen the stupendously digital remastering of the
original . . . we certainly have a lot of folks on the list who would like
to replace much of their body with mechanical parts; now all we need is a
cowardly lion, a little girl with a big singing voice, a small dog . . . and
we're off to see Zardoz . . .

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