Re: SV: Makign money as a creative (was) Napster: thoughts and

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 08:13:30 MDT

Jason Joel Thompson wrote:
> > The naked, unsupported assertion that music sales will not support
> > artists absent copyright won't become true no matter how many times
> > you repeat it. If this were true, broadcast television and radio
> > would not exist at all, and yet they are billion dollar industries.
> > I'm not surprized that I seem to be the only one in this debate
> > who is using actual examples and actual numbers. Continually
> > repeating unbacked opinions is a poor substitute for real philosophy.
> Proceeding from false assumptions is also a poor substitute for real
> philosophy.
> Here you make the claim that TV and radio would not exist at all if there
> were truly no market in the absence of copyright. But TV thrives on
> copyright-- otherwise they wouldn't have all those major issues with

Thats not what he's saying. The viewers pay nothing to receive the tv
transmissions, and are also free to record any tv shows on their vcr, without
license. Its advertisers who pay the cost of production and transmission, just
as can be done on CDs, with ads between each song (as has already been done
before, see Seig Seig Sputnik, dating back to 1987).

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