Re: psi as a boundary breaking possibility

Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 05:49:06 MDT

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<< The vast majority of techincally adept sentients quickly evolve to a state
 where their non-Born QWFs give them release from this universe... they've
 disappeared from our physical cosmos and are now part of that amorphous
 Brahman, the hyperuniverse.
 Can we with our limited pattern-detection disembed them from thence?
 Sic transit gloria mundi, Extropians! >>
They have Ascended (Vernor Vinge watch out) ! The amorphous hyperuniverse
may then contain more information then the lights of Max Tegmark have
indicated? Max T. believes that there is almost no data in a hyperuniverse
and much more within. On the other hand, being 'conked-out' aka dead, does
not give too many time for reflection or computation-so much for Ascension.
Maybe in the Hindu system it does, but then Hinduism is primarilly a faith
system, also based on tradition and tales handed down from ancient times. If
the "amorphous universe" does indeed contain psychological and computational
activity, then that is indeed a decent area of study. How then, might we
demonstrate this hypothesis?

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