Re: SOC: Social Contract Education (Was: More Green Party)

From: Emlyn (onetel) (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 23:49:36 MDT

I learned to type sitting on the floor in front of the family TV, on a
commodore 64 with a really poor keyboard. Now I have a bad back and failing
vision. Anyway, I tried to learn touch typing many years later, and just
could not; I tried for some months before throwing in the towel. My typing
is fast enough for my purposes, but my hands, whilst typing, look like a
squid having an epileptic fit after someone has tried to tied it into
several pretsel shapes.

I wish decent voice recognition would come together. I've made a really
serious stab at using IBM's Via Voice in the last couple of months;


> Apparently James Rogers stated;
> >I took a semester of typing in high
> >school, which was a couple years before the broad transistion away from
> >typing classes.
> I took several semesters of typing in high school. Everyone thought i was
> little strange...but hey....i was generally the only guy in a class of
> thirty was fun.(the old UnderWood and olevetti manuals...if
> you typed TOO fast they got all hung up.....)
> Since then I've come to regard typing as the most useful if not most
> important thing that i acquired from High School.
> Evmick
> Typing In Rochester Minn.

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