Re: missle intercepts using game theory

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 07:47:23 MDT

From: Spike Jones <>

>Michael S. Lorrey wrote:

>>It just seems stupid to me for engineers to be taking what seems
>>to be a rifle approach when what they need is a shotgun...

>Mike there is a school of thought that holds this view. Right
>now the other is in fashion, but consider this: every weapon
>system must evolve and develop over time, otherwise it
>can be defeated, like the Maginot Line and the Great Wall.
>Missile defense is only 30 some years old. You can be sure
>that some time in the next 30 to 50, a team will develop a
>kill vehicle that carries something analogous to a number of
>shotgun shells. Look up ERINT on the web, see how much
>of that material is declassified (I dont know myself).

If memory serves this was once proposed by Arthur C Clarke.

Crude memory paraphrase:

"Imagine a ballistic missle in it's trajectory, now imagine another
missle in an opposite trajectory, it's warhead a large bucket of


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