Re: Krugman looks back from 2096

Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 05:07:29 MDT

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<< Except that oil prices are not due to the actual market demand or actual
 to supply, but by restraint of supply by a monopolistic syndicate, so it is
 false evidence to use to reflect any trend in increase in cost due to third
 world development. Inflation of prices in general has on a decade by decade
 average, have always trended higher than inflation in energy prices,
 which Krugman ignores. >>
I wonder if Dr. Thomas Gold's theory (since he did the exploration in Sweden
10 years ago, its now a theory) about regenerating oil fields, in which oil
percolates up from deep inside the Earth's crust will impact supply and
demand? See last month's Wired for the interview.

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