Re: Napster: thoughts and comments.

Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 12:38:11 MDT

The idea I outlined about collecting pledges before releasing
works comes from cryptographers John Kelsey and Bruce Schneier.
It is their "Street Performer Protocol", described at:

This is a good paper to read because it also details problems with the
proposed technological solutions to copyright, most of which involve
cryptography, by people who know the subject. The authors argue that over
the next few decades, copyright is a lost cause. Technological changes
will make it impossible to enforce.

This is why I am interested in the subject; unlike Lee, I don't see
copyright as harmful to society, or something we should legislate away.
Rather, I see it as technologically unstable, and I want us to begin
working on creative ways to allow artists to survive and thrive in a
world where copyright essentially does not exist.

BTW there was an article on Wired yesterday about one of the other
funding approaches we discussed (also mentioned in the Kelsey paper),
inserting advertisements into art. A company called Digital Payloads
has a technology to insert ads into mp3 files. Maybe all Nadia needs
to do is to work the Nike swoosh into her paintings, and she'll be set.,1367,37486,00.html


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