Re: Napster: thoughts and comments.

From: Emlyn (onetel) (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 11:45:03 MDT

Just to throw a spanner in the works, what did people think about
recently getting it's backside kicked over allowing people to download mp3s
of copyrighted music which they could "prove" they owned? I think you had to
put a CD into your drive to verify you owned that CD, and after that you
were free to download mp3s from that CD (from a central server)
anytime, from anywhere.

I think that was more within the spirit of copyright law, even though the
authentication process was fairly bogus. Now, it is no more. I would imagine
that Napster would be on far shakier ground.


> From: Lee Daniel Crocker <>
> >Is there anyone here who is arguing about what present law is?
> >/Of course/ the use of Napster infringes the intent of existing
> >copyright law--everyone agrees on that. The issue is whether
> >present copyright law is a good idea or not in the long run.
> Actually I believe Napster is trying to argue that they are not
> violating such laws.
> I am clearly in favor of such laws.
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