Re: Hal's idea for artist's as time share(Was) Napster: thoughts and comments?

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 10:54:14 MDT wrote:
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> > And, objections of Nadia aside, this is already done with painters and
> > sculptors
> > by art galleries on the web.
> What on earth are you talking about Mike? I've made no objections to
> marketing artwork through the internet, or thru reproductions - online or
> off. When have I ever said that? I am now MAKING such a site for an other
> artist.

Sorry, seemed from your whole post that none of Lee's suggested marketing
methods appealed to you.

> Hal's post is one (albeit rather slow so far) way of making money for artists
> Personally I wouldn't want to be on a timeline of that kind of ring, but
> other artists could benefit.
> (It was performing, selling your work to other artists, making mugs and
> t-shirts, etc, etc. that I found unuseful).

Well, t-shirts and mugs are simply a lower grade, higher volume market that is
consistent with the numbered prints market. My favorite tie is one with a
reproduciton of Munsch's 'The Scream' on it (which I wear for weddings... ;p).
Licensing your artwork to t-shirt, mug, tie, greeting card, poster, beach towel,
and boxer shorts manufacturers is simply one more revinue stream to exploit with
your artwork.

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